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Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We have moved the discussion forums off the website site and into a Private Facebook Group. If you don't use Facebook that's OK, it is not required. But if you do, you can join our group and use it to communicate with other members.
  • OCSOA.org has designed to be mobile friendly and use a responsive design. It will layout in an optimized format based on the device you use to access it.
  • We also have simplified the structure and are working to ensure no duplication of information.
  • We are also working to ensure that information is either evergreen, or at least regularly updated.
  • The new site adds the capability for you to log in without registering by using your Facebook credentials. The goal here is to make it easy for you if you are one of Facebook's 226 million U.S. users. If you aren't, don't worry you can still create an account and log in

We hope the new site will make information exchange and access easier for you at home and in the field. We'll get your feedback after you've had time to use the new site for a bit.

NOW, to access all the content you must REGISTER and LOG IN. If you aren't logged in, the site will only show you the public-accessible content.



If you choose not to use Facebook login, you will need to register a new account. This will allow you to choose a username and password. Once you do this, you can log in using these credentials.

  1. Click here to register.
  2. For the Username field, please use your First and Last name (space between is OK) as you are referred to on the pitch (so people will recognize you.
  3. Fill in your E-mail address.
  4. Choose a password and click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.
  5. You are now registered and will be logged in. But your account will need to be approved by an administrator. This usually takes less than 24 hours.



  1. Once you have registered an account (instructions above), to login just click the Log In link and follow the prompts.



If you have any problems with your account or login, email [email protected] for help.